Your Hosts + Coaches

Bethany Stec Janicek [Mrs. Love Chard] — Your Nutribabe Lifestylist

I’m a dancing, smiling powerhouse who’s passionate about supporting YOU in building your lifestyle through healthy nutrition + mindset. I’ve maintained an over 80 pound weight loss… I have been there! Let’s crush our goals together and laugh along the way. <3

Zane Janicek [Mr. Love Chard]

I’m a cat father + husband who loves hummus. I’m Mrs. Love Chard’s right-hand man behind-the-scenes to support her while she supports YOU in achieving massive lifestyle success!

Guest Experts

Chloe Stein

I am the lead recipe developers and run the Clean Cuisine Corner here in Nutribabe Nation. I am the plant eating chef and founder of Chloe’s Clean Cuisine [in Flemington, NJ] trying to better the world one bite at a time. I bring you vibrant recipes that excite your taste buds and nourish your body through the Recipe Library & Nutribabe Nation Meal Plans. I’m also Mrs. Love Chard’s co-host for our Nutribabe Retreats!

Sarah Steckler

I’m a Certified Life Coach with a focus on Mindfulness + Productivity and I’m the host of the Mindful Productivity Corner here in Nutribabe Nation! I help others help themselves through my podcast, guided meditations, insights on habit tracking, and real-life lessons on goal execution! I’m also Mrs. Love Chard’s right-hand women as her Project & Operations Manager.

Kristin Maack

I’m Nurse Kristin, a whole food, plant-based Registered Nurse and Plant-Based Nutrition Coach. I love the mind + body + soul approach and am so passionate about lifestyle medicine. I’m behind the #AskNurseKristin Live Show, bringing medical and clinical support to Nutribabe Nation.

Lindsey Cope

I’m an experienced runner and RRCA certified run coach who is passionate about being active, healthy, and balanced in life! My goal in The Running Corner in Nutribabe Nation is to empower YOU to bust through walls, overcome self-doubt, and smash your goals! Lets move… you with me?