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Mr. Love Chard
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One crazy thing that I found when transitioning is that since I eliminated so many things at the same time, [nicotine, caffeine, meat, dairy, refined sugar, oils, and grains, etc.] I didn’t know what I was truly craving at one time. All of it was just rolled in together in one big detox. I knew I was craving something, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was… so before I figured that out I just ate some healthy plant food and the craving went away. 😉

My new normal started happening about 3-4 weeks after my transition and constantly got better and better the following months… and once that started happening I knew I wasn’t going back to the old normal. Currently, I just feel normal… but if I experienced what I feel right now 4 years ago, I’m sure it would feel like a high. I just feel great… all the time. 🙂