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Mr. Love Chard
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I feel you with the headaches! I used to get headaches regularly before transitioning and then everyday while detoxing. But after you abstain from toxicity and eliminate the addictions… they become few and far between. Possibly even non existent.

When I started… I knew I could alleviate the headaches in several ways [1. take an Advil 2. stuff my face with healthy food. 3. reintroduce the toxins that were the culprit in the first place]. All 3 of these options, however just prolong the headaches unfortunately. Take Advil for instance… if you start taking 2 every time you have a headache… you will start to form a dependence on them and then when you take them away the headaches will start back again. Just like with the other two. It’s a vicious cycle.

Best way is certainly through complete abstinence and just push through the headaches and know they are a means to an end. There are other ways that can help such as exercise [releasing endorphins in your body feels good], chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, staying well hydrated, etc. Hope this helps. 🙂