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Jenny Riley
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Thanks, Bethany!
Never TMI for me either—I’m a nurse! lol! And I’m a nurse with IBS, so there ya go! l

1. Up until several months ago (when my IBS started getting bad), I ate all kinds of beans (both canned and ones I cooked in the crock pot) once or twice a day. Last few months (during and after I went on the low FODMAP elimation diet) I’ve hardly eaten them at all except for about a quarter cup of chick peas in my salad, which I used to eat everyday for dinner, but lately I’ve been so bloated by dinner time I often don’t eat dinner.

2. I try to stick to breads like Ezekial, but have a weakness for the bakery sourdough garlic bread that my hubby eats everyday. I end up eating a little of that maybe a couple times a week. I also eat some gluten-free bread. I suspect that wheat or flour or gluten might be an issue for me re: the bloating and constipation. I’m having a hard time staying away from it though. Also occasionally eat whole wheat tortillas with a wrap or burrito. I sometimes eat Cheerios–oat flour. As for oils, I sometimes use Follow Your Heart salad dressings which have oil. I occasionally use olive or coconut oil for cooking, maybe average once a week, if that? Also when I succumb to eating the garlic bread I mentioned, I put Country Crock on it.

3. I have not yet been tested for gluten intolerance/sensitivity. I am having an endoscopy (upper) this Friday–not sure what all he will be looking for but he did ask me about gluten.

4. I do feel like I chew pretty well. I’ve been working on eating more mindfully and chewing!

5. Caffeine–ahhh, yes. Haven’t been able to let go of my coffee (with molasses and soy milk) addiction. Also often have iced tea (no sugar) with lunch and sometimes dinner.