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Good morning
Starting at 197.4, I had been a junk food vegetarian 20+ years my highest wt was 268 (2001) I am only 5’1″ . I yoyo dieted with Weight Watchers since 1975 safe to say dieting don’t work, I needed a lifestyle. I finally watched FOK June 2016 (250 lbs) and another 6-8 documentary’s on Netflix went back to WW and went vegan, I started following Mr. and Mrs. Love Chard read Eat To Live and realized this is it. I don’t have a weight goal, just going where it takes me, my biggest addiction to overcome is my morning one cup of coffee with 2t organic sugar and 3T silk coffee creamer. Yes I did savor it this am knowing the next 6 weeks I will be starting my mornings without it. I’m so glad that this will continue with NN another 6 weeks, I’m sure after 12 weeks it will be embedded in me.
Must say I’m a little nervous.