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I love that you brought this up @Terri. Popular culture pushes exercising to the extreme. I’ve certainly done that, and while I loved being fit, it did not help with weight loss. What I’ve read is that although it increases your matabolism, you eat more because the increased matabolism says you now need more calories. The science studies say, exercise does not halp you lose weight. Moderate exercise is good for you in other ways though.
On the other end, I’ve read a lot about walking being the best exercise for viceral fat loss. I’ve also read a lot about yoga for weight loss, even the restorative yoga. Although yoga slows down your motabolism, it makes me more mindfull of my true hunger and what my body really needs. Bonus, slowing down your matabolism will help you live longer.
Mayo and Time both had little magazine books out this summer talking about this. I think your walking is perfect for your health and weight loss. I would watch that your doing something to keep your bones strong. Yoga will do that, but so will a lot of other things. I just like yoga becuase it makes me feel calm, happy, and healthy. I also love to walk my dog.
Different days I do different things. I think a good goal is just be active every day doing something you love to do. Best wishes.