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Mrs. Love Chard
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Thanks for sharing, DeAnna! I love your suggestions, too Kim. I think getting the food right FIRST is so imperative — whether its a short juice “cleanse” or by just eating ONLY whole food, plant based unprocessed. Both will jump start you.

If going with whole food, stick to the basics — soup, salad, smoothie, stir fry. Here’s the quick 5 day meal prep guide: https://nutribabenation.lovechard.com/lessons/episode-6-sample-5-day-meal-prep-guide/

Ask yourself: Am I making this harder than it needs to be? How can I make this easy and fun?

How far along are you in the 21 Day Roadmap? I think diving into that will help solidity even more your WHATs and WHYs. Dig deep and let that help drive you forward. Course: https://nutribabenation.lovechard.com/courses/21-day-road-map/

The Healthy + Sustainable Weight Loss course as well as the Cravings + Addictions course will both be huge helpers as well.