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I think I scared @Bethany with my banana confession. This is the Smoothy I have 50% of days. It’s 64 ounces. I either sip it all the way to 1-2pm or I save some for dessert after my salad and soup.
4 cups water, 5 big handful greens, 1tbs flax, 2tbs cacao powder, 1 cup berries and 3-4 bananas to fill it up.
I love banana. Aside from magnesium to relax me and my muscles, they also give me great carb energy. My salad and soups tend to be low starch veg with beans and nut/seed dressing. This Smoothy can get me up a mountain or through a few hours or yoga. It’s my chocolate bar.
At some point I might switch to some healthier Smoothy, but at this point, this Smoothy helps nail all my other goals.