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6 weeks. 7lbs down. Some people might hope for more, but I was only 100% Nutritarian for the last 23 days. I was also only following ETL 1 cup max starch veg and grains the last 2 weeks. I’m 5.3″ and I went from 136.6lbs to 129.6 lbs. my scale also says I lowered my fat and increased my muscle mass, and muscle weights more than fat.

More importantly I’m 25 days 100% Nutritarian. That means no non Nutritarian foods. I’ve defiantly gone through a lot of detox and I know it will take longer. Still my cravings are so much easier to control now. Saying no to unhealthy options really does get stronger with abstinence.

At the beginning I snacked and ate constantly, I now eat for 1 hour at 11am and 1 hour at 5pm. Apparently my low blood sugar issues was all this time just detoxing and not real; severe dizziness, sick stomach, shakes, brain fog. I also think the slow burning low GL Nutritarian foods help as my blood sugar is stable now. I’m not hitting extreme highs and crashing anymore.

I’m acting every day walking my dog for an hour, lifting some weights, yoga, and foam rolling.

We all want weight loss. But I couldn’t have weight loss until I changed my mind set. I was constantly looking for a diet that would still let me have my cheat food. That doesn’t exist. You can’t occasionally have heroine, just like you can’t occasionally have toxic addictive foods like salt, sugar, processed food. It’s abstinence from these addictive foods that will give you so much more than sugar, fat, salt dopamine hit. My freedom from these addictive foods is priceless.

I also, could not do this without daily check ins to this community. You have to go all in 100%.

I hope this post helps others jump in 100% and just say no to toxic foods. I promise to keep posting as I’m still just at the start of my Nutritarian journey.