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Day 1 today after some dietary indiscretions over Thanksgiving. I am committing to 30 days of this lifestyle right here and now!

I was super busy with hosting so I didn’t meal prep on the weekend however that isn’t going to stop me. I made a GGS smoothie this morning and brought some frozen cheesy kale soup (try it if you haven’t already! – it’s a Fuhrman recipe!) and some tahini dressing. I will purchase an undressed salad to go along with my soup since I won’t be home until close to 8 and so will need a decent sized lunch. Dinner may be the other half of my green smoothie since I have very little at home at the moment. I may need to send the hubby to the grocery store. I do have some squash and so hopefully I will have enough time to throw together a quick soup tonight before bed so the kids and I have some for the next few days.