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Mr. Love Chard
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200 pounds… wow! That’s pretty amazing. Sorry to hear about past health issues and portion size struggles. One of the best things about this lifestyle is that there is really no need for portion control since all whole, plant-based foods are high micro-nutrient density and low calorie density.

While it’s great/health promoting to eat 3 satisfactory meals per day and eliminate snacking… it can definitely just be a goal to work towards. Best to get your foods right first, then worry about quantity 2nd.

Imagine this, you can eat a massive bowl of salad including other high fiber foods like beans that keep you full for hours and you’ve only eaten 5-600 calories, maybe. Versus eating a tiny bowl of mac n’ cheese that might have 1,500+ calories in it and won’t make or keep you full.

No need to worry about counting calories or portion control with this lifestyle because if you’re eating the right foods and not over eating, you won’t consume more calories than you will burn.

Just listen to your body, eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and  be mindful of the goals that you set for yourself. 😉