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When I started this plant-based journey three years ago I tried to do it all, plan and cook meals for my meat eating husband as well as prepare my own food. That was Phase One.  Phase two, I told him I would cook his food but he had to plan his meals and buy the meat.   Phase three, I stopped cooking his animals but told him he could eat anything I prepared.  There were a few more phases including about 3 months where he only ate frozen dinners.  He has never given up the meat and dairy but he sure does eat a lot more plants.  Like Sherri said, I never seem to have the leftovers that I planned on. He cracks me up and makes me mad at the same time.  He is on thin ice when he digs into my hummus knowing it was the last can of chickpeas in the cupboard.  All kidding aside, I know in my heart that this is the lifestyle for me.  I am a Nutribabe and I won’t let others steer me off track. I hope I can inspire others along the way just as I am inspired by all of you.