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You go!  I’ve discovered that more than a few places in town will serve Nutribabe-compliant meals.  Others add bacon to Bloody Marys (two weeks in a row, two different places).

Dining out is my weakness.  I spent many years working in food and beverage and collect cookbooks and kitchen toys.  Making meals work for anyone is always my goal.  Vegan for me, nut-free for the niece, gluten-free (occasionally) for the sister-in-law and brother, and fam-friendly for my crew. Tomorrow (well, today since it’s after midnight) is Taco Tuesday.  We’re mixing it up and going with Koran BBQ (homemade).  The hubs and boy will choose meat (already cooked by someone else, thankfully), I’ll go with mushrooms, and the girl will likely revolt and make a quesadilla.  We will all have the same sides and toppings, but the fillings are different. That’s how things usually roll around here.  When fibro decides to let me handle my business that is.