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Hi and welcome!

I tried to push mow our yard and failed.  I think the blades need sharpening – any ideas on how to do that at home?

My hubs and kids are not on this path, either.  The kids are crazy healthy, thankfully.  Short cuts for meals here include batch cooking rice, beans, 2-3 days of cooked veggies, and prepping veggies for a salad bar.   For tonight’s dinner, I took some pre-prepped stuff from the freezer for them and it will go in the pressure cooker to start and finish off in the oven.  I’ll grab a mix of the beans, rice, and veggies from the refrigerator for my dinner.  I do the same thing for lunch (or eat leftover dinner) and keep frozen and fresh fruit on hand for fruit bowls (with or without oats, ‘yogurt’, or nuts).

Play with the shopping list and go from there.  It gets easier with time and practice. 🙂