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Mr. Love Chard
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Enjoyed reading and welcome, Brittany! My sincere condolences of your lost loved ones.

There are many easy tips and tricks for easy healthy meals [Especially at Trader Joe’s]… but first I’d like to address a couple positives about your post.

1. Our little fuzz ball can’t stand being locked out of the bathroom either. Bathroom privacy isn’t something we experience in this household. You’re not alone.

2. Don’t feel bad about not finishing the yard… now we have a great looking back point to track progress. Next time we will finish it… and the next time it will go even faster.

3. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little help and it’s good that you did. Your friends knows that you will do anything for him if he needs an extra hand. 😉

4. You wrote about not usually doing much to focus on yourself but focusing on what you can do for others instead. I totally get this… I’d like to use the analogy of riding in an airplane. The oxygen masks drop down… what do you do first? If you help those around you first… how many can you help before you can’t help anymore?

If you make sure that YOU are right and ok first… then imagine how many you can help after? 😉

5. 300 lbs right now means the before and after photos are going to be awesome! Take a second right now and just imagine posting your first before and after photos to your social media. Put yourself in that moment seeing all of the hearts and wows and likes and congratulations roll in. Pretty powerful motivator. 😉

Suggestions on food starting out: I would say head to the grocery store and pick a few things that you know you like to get you started. No need to go all out on your first trip… you can add different new things as you go. Mrs. Love Chard and I are actually headed to Trader Joe’s for a date tonight. 🙂

If you don’t want to do much chopping/prepping… you can buy prechopped salad ingredients like romaine, pico de gallo, salt free canned beans or no salt/no oil added hummus, etc.

If you have a high powered blender… it’s also really easy to keep frozen berries and other fruit like mangos or pineapple in the freezer for smoothies. We buy loads of bananas and just peel, break into thirds, and place in a large ziploc for the freezer. That’s a great fast addition to your meals that helps keep you full.

Send us a pic of your grocery shopping haul and let us know what you’re trying. 😉