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Mrs. Love Chard
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It’s tough to take things without a big cooler in an airplane. I typically have one small carry-on cooler for things to eat on the plane, and then I stop by a grocery store once I get to my destination for food [salad stuff, pre-cooked grains and beans, stuff to make a quick chili] for the weekend/week. Here’s what my plane packing looks like:

 Carry on luggage:

  • Small backpack/cooler that contains an insulated pocket to keep refrigerated items fresh

  • Empty coffee mug/water bottle + hibiscus tea bag [or other] to cold brew tea once you pass security

  • Lara Bars: most flavors meet the Nutritarian criteria since they only contain dates, nuts, fruits, vanilla, and cinnamon [found in most grocery stores]

  • Easy to eat fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots

  • Celery stalks along with a small 3 ounce [or smaller] container of raw nut butter

  • Baggies of trail mix including raw nuts, seeds, and some dried fruit

  • Ice pack wrapped in newspaper, then wrapped again over a small container of mixed cold bean and veggie salad

  • Dried/oven toasted chickpeas

  • Plastic spoons and forks

  • Napkins and/or wet wipes, toothpicks, and floss

Checked luggage:

  • Nutribullet or other portable blender for smoothies, dips, and spreads to make when you get to your destination
  • Small bottles of vinegar and balsamic for salads [in plastic baggies in case they leak]

  • Small single-use seasoning packets such as Mrs. Dash or bigger shakers for longer trips

  • Bottles of water to keep in your hotel fridge

  • Dry salad ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts, seeds, oven baked garbanzo beans, etc.

  • Easy to travel with fruits and vegetables such as oranges, apples, carrots, and celery — put in a ziplock baggie with an ice pack wrapped in newspaper

  • Containers of nut butter for apples and celery