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Hi Everyone!  My name is Kerri and I am so excited to be here!!!  I am married, have a daughter and 2 four legged kids (pups).  I have been vegetarian for many years.  I have attempted to go vegan quite a few times without success.  Over the years I have struggled with my weight and I have tried most diets while still following a vegetarian way of eating.  About 4 months ago I made the decision to go whole food plant-based.  I wanted to find a heathy way of eating that was a lifestyle – not a diet.  In the beginning, I was doing well with my eating but more recently I have either been eating junk vegan food or foods such as cheese, mayonnaise, and sweets.  I love eating plant-based and if I had someone to prepare the food for me I’d do fantastic! The prep is what causes me the most problems.  I find it to be such a chore!  I love when it is lunchtime and I realize I have healthy leftovers! (A WFPB personal chef is top on my list if I ever win the lottery!)  Two other challenges that I face are; I am an emotional eater and my husband and daughter do not want to give up unhealthy foods, so they are in my cupboards.  I know what I’m supposed to eat and what I’m not but I get lazy.  There is no other word for it!  I have joined FB groups and have read many books and articles but nothing has worked so far.  I am looking forward to the support in this group and I am hoping this will help me get over the final hump and I will succeed at making WFPB my way of eating!