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Mr. Love Chard
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Hey Muffin! Bethany’s mom is often referred to as Momma Love Chard. I should call her that more often… I think she loves it.

What kind of foods are you making that are tasting sub-par? Maybe we can help get that figured out right now. Is there anything you miss from your old eating lifestyle that you want to modify as a healthy dish? Getting the salad’s on point is good… but let’s get everything healthy and tasting good! Pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, you name it!

Never say never… husbands [though often stubborn] are capable of change. I’m proof of that. Lead by amazing healthy example and let the positive results do the talking. One of the things that peaked my interest was that Bethany was starting to be able to do things that I used to do, but could no longer. Like run a mile without taking a couple days off work after. True story. 😉