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Mr. Love Chard
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That’s awesome! Where are traveling?

Long plane rides can be tough, but certainly more than doable with a little prep. The key is finding things that can go through security and don’t have strong odors that irritate others space on the plane. Debbie had a great suggestion with trail mix. There are also many fruit and nut bars that are easy such as most Lara Bars that you can get from most any large grocery stores. Easy to eat fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, etc. If you like to bake, I think you would enjoy some Zucchini Banana Bread cookies found at https://nutribabenation.lovechard.com/recipes/chocolate-zucchini-banana-bread-cookies/ in a plastic Zip-Loc bag.

For time spent on land… would it be possible to acquire a backpack that doubles as a small cooler? Not sure if you can take food from the cruise ship, but that might be an easy solution. Also, I recommend researching restaurants in the areas where you will be traveling online ahead of time. For instance, if you are landing in Cancun for instance… just type in google “Cancun Vegan Restaurant”. You should be able to find some places that cater to this lifestyle. Let me know if you need help. 😉