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I like to bring wraps with hummus or no-tuna salad and broccoli slaw and smashed avocado. The slaw holds up and stays crunchy. I use Engine 2 Ancient Grain wraps. Heat one in a nonstick pan, they get soft enough to roll. Spread your thick stuff, then put in the veggies and roll. I wrap each one in foil. They have kept up to 4 days when I do this. Travel for long days then put in the fridge. I have also taken this: take a bowl with a seal lid and pour in 1 bag each, frozen brown rice, frozen corn, frozen edamadme, frozen peas. Sprinkle in your fave vinegar/hot sauce and/or spices. It will be ready to eat later….and keeps well! I’ve added in broccoli slaw and Cruciferous Crunch, too. Have fun!!