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Mrs. Love Chard
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Twila, I am so glad you shared! I, too, once felt all of these things. It’s hard to imagine life different than what you’re used to. Self-doubt and fear are real with thoughts like “Will I fail? Is it realistic?”

What helped was me personally was to really get honest with myself, cut the excuses, and get to work. Even though I was scared and didn’t know what I was doing! I had to start making some changes with my actions and thoughts.

I want to direct you to some clips and resources to watch and dive into, as it really is important to keep moving forward. It’s totally ok to feel allllll the emotions… but you don’t want to LIVE THERE forever, you know?

– 21 Day Roadmap Course
– [Video clip] There is no “starting over”
– [Video clip] Bigger than your excuses – Quick guide to goal setting

PS: Putting my coach hat on here… If you think something’s going to suck and be super hard, then it probably will be. BUT if you shift your mindset into things like: “I’m going to enjoy this journey, I am going to keep moving forward and do my best. I’ll ask questions and take action and figure out what I really want in life. It might be a challenge, but I’ll remain open and passionate about my health. I won’t give up!” …then THAT’S how your journey will look most of the time.

So… which story do you want to tell yourself? xoxo