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Mrs. Love Chard
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Definitely hang in there. What you’re describing sounds like feeding toxic hunger. I talk a bit about this in the 21 Day Roadmap course and the upcoming Cravings and Addictions course too, but think of it like withdrawal symptoms. When a person attempts to stop smoking cigarettes… they get headaches, crabby, can’t think about anything else, etc. Sound familiar? What eases those things/cravings?

A) Just giving in and smoking another cigarette. “All better.”

or B) Time, abstinence, crowding out the junk, and pushing through.

It’s a vicious cycle for sure, BUT it’s one you can overcome with time, abstinence, persistence, and filling that craving with something else — drinking some tea, eating an apple, going for a walk, etc.

PS: I used to have headaches ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I would go through a jumbo bottle of Ibprofen/Advil in a month. One of my 1:1 clients was the same way when we started working together last year. Now, headaches are very few and far between and they pretty much only come when she/we eat something NOT “on plan.”