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What if you shifted your mindset to owning your salad bowl… and you loved it? How would your life change?

  • I’d be healthier…fewer aches and pains related to inflammation
  • Presumably I’d be thinner, and I could wear some of the clothes I’ve been eyeing (I want a pair of kelly green pants in a size 8)
  • I’d be less stressed about what my future holds as far as health issues
  • I would be more outgoing and social

Thinking in terms of an elephant and rider analogy…the rider wants to do the “right thing”, however, the elephant has other ideas and only complies momentarily. The elephant is plowing through the forest tearing down the trees, and has no intention of listening to the rider.

That’s where I get stuck, I have no idea how to get that elephant to cooperate with the rider?

How do I do something I want (and need) to do, but just don’t want to do?

I have incompatible desires; I want to be healthy, and I want to eat my familiar foods and keep my current routine.