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Hi! I’m so glad you shared! I went through this ‘nowhere to keep it,’ ‘too much trouble to carry it around,’ thing just this past weekend! I had 3 days where I wasn’t allowed to carry anything and had no idea if I’d get to eat at all! Here’s what I did! I put each of the following in 1 sandwich ziplock: 1 cup lentils, carrot and celery sticks (as many as fit), 1 sliced banana, steamed broccoli, steamed cauliflower, raw spinach, diced bell peppers. Then I stuffed my pockets!! And I added a spoon! It turned out they provided a bag I could leave in the office (still no refrigerator), but that first day I didn’t go hungry!! And the other two days I brought paper plates and still used my ziplock system! A lot of management people asked where I got my beautiful food, I’m sure they were jealous! Even the security when I entered commented how healthy and beautiful my food was!! Just jump in! It will all be fine, and you’re not alone!