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      My ultimate pie in the sky goal is to either  reverse or push my autoimmune disorder(s) into remission.  I have been dealing with chronic urticaria (suspected to be urticaria vasculitis) for the past 3 and a half years, which means I have constant hives head to toe and internally in my blood vessels, veins and organs.  I am currently on all kinds of meds that have been causing bad side effects.  I was also informed I am developing rheumatoid arthritis on top of this.  I would like to get off the meds and manage the hives and any other health issue as naturally as possible.

      My other goal would be to lose some weight due to not being able to exercise (it causes hives too), my diet, and major fatigue from the hives I am probably 100 lbs overweight. I would like to lose it but also terrified of loose skin so not really sure how much I really want to lose.

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      Mr. Love Chard
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      Your goals are as beautiful as yourself. 😉

      I’m sorry to hear about your recent health issues but I know good things are going to come your way with a little hard work.  I’m so excited to be a part of your journey.

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      Mrs. Love Chard
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      So glad you’re here Amber! I too was worried about loose skin… but I was more worried what would happen to my health if I didn’t make a change with my nutrition and lifestyle, you know? I am so hopeful so see improvements in your health in the upcoming future!

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