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      These are my current goals:

      -Eat breakfast
      -Eliminate refined/processed foods
      -Weekend meal prep
      -Call a friend if I get discouraged and want to eat fast food

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      I wanted to post under this topic, but didn’t want to create a totally new post.

      Today in the 21 Day Roadmap course, we were asked to wright out our Whats (what we want) and our Whys (why we want them)

      My Whats:
      1. Lose 70 pounds
      2. Educate the people in my town about eating healthier through demonstrations
      3. Continue with my not yet released PodCast and YouTube channels
      4. Attend Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny

      My Whys:
      1. To feel better, be healthy, and live a long joy-filled life (I have said I was going to live until I was 120 for years)
      2. Because few people, here, truly get what they are doing to their bodies.
      3. To discuss what is going on in my hometown and what I am trying to accomplish. To leave something for my grand kids (cooking with Gram is the YouTube channel I’m wanting to get going).
      4. To go deeper. I’ve read books, watched videos, etc. I want to experience it live.

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      Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be the oldest living person on the planet. I love learning about Centurians and how the live.

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