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      Jenny Riley
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      My goals are:
      To heal my gut!!!–so that I can finally feel good all the time again, no matter what I eat (wfpb, of course!).

      To listen to and be in tune with my body and eat only when I am hungry–not because I am craving something (esp peanut butter!), am bored, anxious, or stressed (food is not entertainment or medication! lol!)

      To get off the sugar/caffeine roller coaster that creates “fake hunger” and then hypoglycemia if I don’t eat right away. (is there any way to do that without giving up my coffee? 😉 )

      MOVE! To incorporate consistent movement/exercise at least 3 days a week–especially walking and biking. (I don’t have a bike anymore but really miss riding it–have asked for one for my birthday this November 🙂 )

      My weight is good (I lost about 20 pounds when I went plant-based) but I’ve been gaining fat back in some areas–stomach and thighs, esp. I used to lift weights (about 20 years ago–yikes!) and was strong and fit. I want to start strength training again so I can get my muscles back (I am turning 55 this year and everything is getting saggy! lol!).

      Yoga! I need it but haven’t started doing it. Now’s the time!!

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      Mrs. Love Chard
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      LOVE LOVE LOVE these, Jenny! Let’s tighten up the sugar and caffeine and your body! Yoga, strength training, and a TON of vegetables will help you do just that. We’ll dial in more to true/toxic hunger and knowing the difference… eliminating the sugar and caffeine will help with that as well. Let’s do this!

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