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      Day 2- My goals

      • Lose 20lbs
      • be fit and lean (muscle definition)
      • to have abs for the first time ever
      • to be able to wear what ever I want and feel confident.
      • To hit all my gbombs every day
      • to move 30 minutes a day
      • to meditate and do affirmations daily
      • to journal more
      • to talk less and listen more
      • to be happy and be optimistic more
      • to be more adventurous and freeing

      Hopes and Dreams:

      • to have a baby
      • to have my dream job at Seneca and be happy going to work
      • to be a fitness instructor (on ththe side)
      • to be debt free and mortgage free
      • to go on vacations more (yearly)
      • to have a better connection with friends and family.
      • to move to collingwood or  innisfill (live in the country)
      • to grow my own food
      • to live a more minimalistic life
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      Mr. Love Chard
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      Love the goals, hopes, and dreams, Renee! I know you’ve been working on YOU for awhile now… I’m curious to know how your goals have changed since you started working on yourself.

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      Hi Zane!

      well I did put a weight/ number figure as a goal but to be honest that’s one of the things that have changed in 6 months. I was so focused on a number that when I let go and just lived life that’s when tre weight started coming off and my body is beginning to take its natural shape and weight.

      I also was unsure of wanting children but now I know I do.

      I had to be a size 2 and now my goal is to be healthy.

      I always said I wanted to be happy but was h sure what that even meant or what I had to do to get there. And now I know what it means and how to get there.

      I never considered time for myself as a goal or meditation and relaxation where never on the list.

      I wanted to learn how to distress before and now I know how to do just that so that goal has changed now from destress to a positive goal of relax.

      my goals were negative and now I’m looking to add to my life not take away or beat myself up. It’s crazy to see how much I’ve changed in 6 months and I can’t wait to see what I’ll be like after years of this lifestyle

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