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      Brianna Sheridan
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      I have been totally WFPB for the past 5 days (which is big for me) but then last night I went out with a friend and had a really delicious veggie pizza that had some goat cheese. I KNEW I could order it without cheese. I also knew she wouldn’t be weird about it. It wasn’t even that I was really craving it and couldn’t overcome the temptation… I have no reason that I ordered the “regular” pizza other than “I just did”. Everything else about it was compliant, except some oils probably in the crust. I could have made it perfect, but I didn’t… habit?? I don’t know…. Just frustrated with myself.

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      Mr. Love Chard
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      I often find myself in the same place while dining on the road and totally feel ya.  My recommendation is to not strive for perfection, but to simply have concrete non-negotiables that you stand behind while traveling or dining out with friends. Absolutely no dairy can be your brand spanking new non-negotiable. 😉

      I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no robot… I have my non-negotiables I live by, but I try not to get too worked up outside of the house. Occasionally, I go a little too far with non compliant foods which makes me feel less than 100%. This just makes me realize exactly how I want to feel every day and helps me tighten up my food choices.

      Hope this helps!

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      Brianna Sheridan
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      Thanks! That does help. Meat is a non negotiable and it’s pretty easy & automatic for for me now. I’m going to try to see dairy the same way!

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      Dining out does get easier, but some old favorites call to me.  Thankfully there are alternatives that offer almost ideal options.  I snagged a sweet pea salad tartine (with pink radishes, broccoli pesto, and Sumac) from a new bakery cafe for my dinner at my desk yesterday.  It was delicious and I am already working on a copycat.  I’ll skip the bread for my homemade version and eat the pea salad for days.

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      I am going on an airplane trip.  I can totally pack a road trip, but how do you pack one with the airline restrictions?  I am unsure what I will have when I get there and what I will have access to, other than a fridge.  I can pack salad dressings in my luggage, but how about lettuce and other cut up veggies?  Do they freeze in the cargo hold?  I can take them on board too…Please help me pack for success!

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        Mrs. Love Chard
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        It’s tough to take things without a big cooler in an airplane. I typically have one small carry-on cooler for things to eat on the plane, and then I stop by a grocery store once I get to my destination for food [salad stuff, pre-cooked grains and beans, stuff to make a quick chili] for the weekend/week. Here’s what my plane packing looks like:

         Carry on luggage:

        • Small backpack/cooler that contains an insulated pocket to keep refrigerated items fresh

        • Empty coffee mug/water bottle + hibiscus tea bag [or other] to cold brew tea once you pass security

        • Lara Bars: most flavors meet the Nutritarian criteria since they only contain dates, nuts, fruits, vanilla, and cinnamon [found in most grocery stores]

        • Easy to eat fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots

        • Celery stalks along with a small 3 ounce [or smaller] container of raw nut butter

        • Baggies of trail mix including raw nuts, seeds, and some dried fruit

        • Ice pack wrapped in newspaper, then wrapped again over a small container of mixed cold bean and veggie salad

        • Dried/oven toasted chickpeas

        • Plastic spoons and forks

        • Napkins and/or wet wipes, toothpicks, and floss

        Checked luggage:

        • Nutribullet or other portable blender for smoothies, dips, and spreads to make when you get to your destination
        • Small bottles of vinegar and balsamic for salads [in plastic baggies in case they leak]

        • Small single-use seasoning packets such as Mrs. Dash or bigger shakers for longer trips

        • Bottles of water to keep in your hotel fridge

        • Dry salad ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts, seeds, oven baked garbanzo beans, etc.

        • Easy to travel with fruits and vegetables such as oranges, apples, carrots, and celery — put in a ziplock baggie with an ice pack wrapped in newspaper

        • Containers of nut butter for apples and celery

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