My… have the times changed.

From the desk of Mr. Love Chard…

Thank you, Facebook, for bringing up old memories from years ago… this a picture from 7 years ago on Mrs. Love Chard’s 21st birthday.

We were both smokers and were total party animals! Nearly a pack a day for each of us and drank almost every single night.

I believe we started this evening out at Bethany’s fave restaurant, Chili’s, where I ordered a double club turkey sandwich on rye. She most likely ordered honey chicken crispers and subbed the corn on the cob for extra fries… along with a bevy of dipping sauces: ranch, BBQ, and sweet teriyaki. Whiskey and coke for me and sugary lemonade margarita for her.

Later, we went to a bar where we drank sweet Long Island iced teas and ate tons of appetizers with melted cheese all over them all night. Pretty much a usual evening back then.

You might also notice that we wore black… our wardrobe was packed with tons of black since that was a best way to hide the areas we didn’t want anyone to see.

Even though I seemed confident in my appearance to others… I remember always being embarrassed when I forgot my belt and my pants wouldn’t stay up. Or when my shirt raised up on the sides… or when I sat down and my belly showed rolls.

Fast forward 7 years, it’s Mrs. Love Chard’s 28th birthday! We started off the day with some behind-the-scenes stuff for Nutribabe Nation. I had been holding on to my gift for Mrs. Love Chard for weeks… and she finally gets to wear it!

Then we went into the city [Kansas City, Missouri] late morning. …but of course not before taking some cool selfies! 😉

We purchased some personal self-enhancing gifts and then went to a plant-based restaurant. We shared a curry appetizer with chopped vegetables. For the main course, I had the seasoned tofu sandwich with greens and tomato. She had the “meat” loaf with an incredibly tasty plant-based sauce, and other vegetables.

After lunch we played with some geese near a huge water fountain in the city on our way to a vegan bakery in the city where we played a game of Rummikub.

Then, stopped to two of our favorite “date” places [Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods] to get some dinner items and went home for the evening.

Both days [Mrs. Love Chard’s 21st seven years ago, and yesterday] were incredible memories, but I can tell you some of the glaring differences. For one… we sprung out of bed this morning ready to greet the day. I don’t really remember the next day on Beebs’ 21st… but I imagine it wasn’t a pretty site. My guess is that we already had planned on taking the day off and slept til noon, hungover, lounged on the couch for the rest of the day recuperating.

Also… everything we did yesterday was for US. We didn’t have or need a whole gang of people or alcohol to have a memorable time. We spent our day doing the things we enjoy with each other… not just what we thought everyone else would enjoy, like partying. Nothing was going to prevent us from having a great time!

I can only imagine how I would be feeling right now if we never decided to make some positive lifestyle and nutrition changes.

Part of making a healthy change is knowing what you want. I didn’t know 7 years ago that I wanted to spend the day with my wife window shopping, eating healthy, walking at a park in 99 degree heat, taking selfies, and playing games at a local cafe. But when I did figure that out 3 years ago… the path became more clear.

We no longer just follow the pack and do the things that *might* give us initial happiness. We occupy our lives with activities that will bring real, authentic happiness for years to come.

With that said… here’s to a very Happy 28th Birthday, Mrs. Love Chard! I can’t wait to what improvements we have made and how much we have grown next year! <3

-Mr. Love Chard



  1. Terri

    What a journey for both of you. Very inspirational to hear how you changed your lives. I love your positivity. It is contagious. It is an exciting year ahead for all of us in the Nation. We all have the chance to change our lives, not matter what age. We can still be party animals – in a healthy way.

  2. Debbie

    Wish I had taken better care of myself when I was your age, You two have such a happy and healthy life ahead of yourselves. Thanks for sharing

  3. Twilight

    What a sweet sweet story! My jaw dropped a few times reading…but instead of how you frequently telling members you’re glad they’re here, I just want to say I’m glad you’re both here!!! I’ve been “there” where you guys were too in the past.. I’ve settled down with age, but still have plenty of challenges to over come one at a time 🙂