Why No Oil?

When I first heard that I needed to give up olive oil to lose weight and gain optimal health, I admit I was confused. I had been told for years that olive oil was healthy. Then again, I also thought that I needed to eat lean meat and drink milk everyday to get strong muscles and bones, and that wasn’t right either!

At over 230 pounds, I started thinking really hard about what I “knew” to be healthy and decided that what I was doing was obviously not working. It was hard for me at first because I thought oil made everything I ate taste so much better. Once I had eliminated added oils for several weeks however, I began to finally realize how much I didn’t need the stuff and how much better off I am without it.

After abstaining from oil for so long, I can’t even enjoy food that extracted oil touches. Just a dab of oil ruins the fresh tastes and joyous feelings I receive when I eat whole plant food. It leaves that gross weird taste on my lips for the rest of the day.

“What about the so-called ‘healthy’ oils like coconut oil and olive oil?”

Many think that coconut and olive oils are better than all of the rest of oils and even a “health” food… but in all actuality, they are ultimately not health promoting.

Health is more determined by how and what type fat you are consuming. Studies show that saturated fat is linked to raising LDL cholesterol [the bad kind], while monounsaturated fats found in avocados and nuts are linked to lowering LDL and raising HDL cholesterol levels. Although avocados also contain saturated fat, they contain less than oil per weight and still consist of all of the good fiber, minerals, and vitamins that make our bodies thrive.

Extracted oils are 100% fat which is absorbed by your body quickly. Much of it is stored before it can be used as energy making extracted oils a weight-promoting “food”… not a health-promoting “food.”

Think about this:

  • Whole raw nuts contain about 40-50 calories per tablespoon. Refined oil? 120 calories per tablespoon no matter the type! I’ll take the raw nuts and seeds over oil any day.
  • Fat from unprocessed, whole plant foods such as nuts, seeds, and avocados is absorbed much slower [hours… not minutes] and allows for the body to burn it off as energy instead of becoming stored on your midsection and other areas.
  • The fiber contained in whole plant foods plays a vital role in this absorption and promotes the weight loss you are seeking.

How much added fat in the form of oils do you think the average American consumes per day? A whopping 60 grams… which is over five hundred calories in just one day… just from extracted oils alone! No fiber, nothing, empty calories. Just junk.

Suggestions + Tips:

We have heard many excuses: “I can’t cook food without oil, it will stick to the pan!” or “I can’t just eat salad and raw vegetables without some kind of oily dressing on them, ughh!” There are many different solutions to these push backs.

  • When cooking, it is very simple to sauté your food in water or veggie broth. It is best to only put a little in at a time and keep adding as necessary so you don’t cause your pan to start boiling.
  • When baking, extracted oil can be omitted from the recipe all together.
  • Use parchment paper or a silicon stove-safe baking pad to line a cookie sheet.
  • While eating a salad, you can choose many different options to enhance the taste including fruity vinegars, juicy fruits, balsamic vinegar, smashed avocado, Nutritarian sour cream, seeds + nuts + fruit, and more.

We love coming up with new ways to make food taste great without dousing it with oil and other harmful additives. Think of ways you too can change a little thing here and a little thing there with your cooking and it will only benefit you in the future!

Don’t be fooled by marketing hype for “healthy” oils… they do not exist. You never “need” oil or any of the health risks that come with it.

Please feel free to comment below with any questions you have about oil. Have a great oil-free day!



  1. SarahRose

    Needed this reminder! I made a TON of roasted veggies last night and used veggie broth instead of oil and they are AMAZING! I’m never looking back!