What’s New: August 2017 Member Update

I cannot believe we are halfway through August AND halfway through 2017! I mean, where does the time go?

Time flies when you’re in the kitchen making hummus and salads!!! 😉

HUGE welcome to all of our July and August members! Allow me to grab you some virtual hummus and cucumbers for you. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, say hello in the discussion forums by clicking here.

Catch the August 2017 video update below. Member shout outs, links to what’s new, info on what’s coming up, and more are all below the video.



Member Shout Outs!!! 


  • Holla to @debbie for getting ahead and being prepared for her vacation: a road trip to see her family!
  • Shout out to @nmstecroix for being open and starting to incorporate more beans and lentils in her dishes!
  • Heeeeey girl @twilight for jumping into this week head on!
  • HOLLAAA to @rensko28 for sticking true to her nutrition these past few weeks!
  • Thank goodness and hand up to @wahminsc for staying strong and positive through a car accident and other rough struggles.
  • Nutribabe in the HOUSE with @allison this week and her prepping and clearing the fridge before her Hawaii vacation!
  • Congrats to @tkane and @veganvieira for diving into their 6 week Nutritarian Challenge!
  • So proud of @llforester for traveling like a boss and helping get her mother on board to the whole food, plant-based lifestyle!
  • Shout out to @kim for reaching out for additional books, links, etc. regarding emotional eating + self-love.
  • Props to @julie-taylor for working on her salad game!
  • High five to @paisleygirl to continuing to work on food prep! [Watch for 8/18’s Nutribabe Nugget video.]
  • YAY to @nutripam for affirming out loud that she would head straight home for some whole food goodness instead of stopping for junk!
  • *Nutribabe dancing* with @sheena83 for moving forward and busting through detox headaches!
  • Got something to share? A win, a new trick, something fun, want to give a shout out to another member, or any of the above? Post a new topic in the WINS Discussion Forums and we’ll shout congratulations from the rooftops! Let’s all come together. <3


Just Released: 


What’s Coming Up For You Soon:

  • I’ll be sharing a detailed video blog from my 8 day California trip at the end of August! To watch me real-time, follow me on my Instagram Stories. My username is: @mrslovechard
  • We will soon be getting all of my podcast interviews and video interviews in a section here in the Nation for easy access. I know many of you love to put on longer videos while you’re cooking or on the treadmill or outside on a walk, so I wanted to share my latest one with Life Coach, Kathleen Ventura! Watch + listen here.
  • Speaking of podcasts… should we do a Nutribabe Nation members podcast? Would you love and listen?
  • Nutribabe Nugget Videos: Sample 5 Day Meal Prep Guide, Easing into Beans + Lentils
  • The next tutorial course to release September 1st is Healthy + Sustainable Weight Loss. Click here to access all of the courses.
  • Our next LIVE Q&A Video Session will be Monday, August 28th at 11am CST. As always, a replay will be available if you can’t make it live. Click here for the details and to submit any questions!


Reminder + Updates:

  1. MOBILE UPDATE: Easy access to your notifications + messages are in the top right-hand drop down menu! This was overlooked before, but now we’re all set. Thanks @allison for the heads up! 🙂
  2. If you haven’t yet, dive into the 21 Day Roadmap Course. <3
  3. Be social! Share and post what’s going on with you… pictures are a plus! Also, engage and comment on other members’ posts int he news feed and in the discussion forums with words, likes, and encouragement. Sharing is caring. 🙂
  4. We’re always here for you… Please feel free to comment below with anything you got for us or click here to let us know what you’d like to see!


Thank You + Behind The Scenes: 

Thanks so much for being a valued member of Nutribabe Nation! We love being a part of your lifestyle journey.

To make our membership site better for you, we are constantly working on providing you new content and behind-the-scenes shenanigans and will keep you posted with any updates.

xoxo, Mrs. Love Chard



  1. AnnMarie

    Bethany, Love, Love, Love the Nuggets and would love longer podcasts for walking, working out and prepping! It definitely keeps me in the zone! Xo