What’s New: February 2018 Member Update

Grab some herbal tea and get updated with the most recent Nutribabe Nation news! 🙂

Member Shout Outs

…celebrating those below and everyone in the Nation for holiday and new year successes!

  • HUGE welcome to all of our February members! If you haven’t yet, complete the “Start Here” section to get more comfy here in Nutribabe Nation. And also say hello in the Members Lounge Facebook group!
  • High five to @amymlarsen1992 for sharing her meals and more in the Members Lounge!
  • So thankful for @sarahrose and the amazing success of the Guest Coach Takeover in February! Sarah brought us her Taming Negative Self-Talk Course and those who went through it LOVED it. Check it out here.
  • YASSSS to @kconrad for riding the salad train like a BOSS!
  • Congrats to @bluescarf for losing a whopping 14 pounds in 17 days! Amazing.
  • Warmed up by @vferg1, @wahminsc, @trinnoble, and @wendyhiles for reaching out in times of struggle… no matter how big or little it may feel! We’re always here for you!
  • Well wishes to @rensko28 + her husband in preparation for Baby Skoyles in a few weeks!
  • Holla to all the girls crushing their own 100 Day Challenge. Check out the 100 Day Challenge Recourses here.
  • For those of you who are silently reading this but not posting or sharing too much, I see you! You’re amazing. Continue to utilize this membership site to it’s full potential. We are ALL here for you. Don’t feel shy or hold back here in Nutribabe Nation… no matter what the topic is.
  • Got something to share? A win, a new trick, something fun, want to give a shout out to another member, or any of the above? Post a new topic in the WINS Discussion Forums or in the Members Lounge Facebook group so we can all celebrate together!


Introducing + Coming Soon…

I’m not sure I can hold in my excitement about my latest project anymore. Coming soon: The Nutribabe Box, a whole food plant-based lifestyle subscription box geared towards making your life more easy and more fun.  Click here to check it out and get a feel for what to expect in the box! Can’t wait for this to continue to unfold! 🙂


Guest Expert + Specialty Corners:

  • Meal Plans are coming in March! We are starting with every other week, and will go from there. We are almost finished with the first 2 meal plans, and you’ll get an update as SOON as they are ready for you to view and download in the Meal Plans section. If you haven’t Click here to let us know what you’re looking for in a meal plan. These meal plans will be complimentary to all regular monthly Nutribabe Nation members.
  • Our lead recipe developer, Chloe Stein [@chloestein] will be releasing her Choco-Healthy Cooking Class for you! Once it’s available, it will be added to the Clean Cuisine Corner. This class is still being rescheduled from February when there was bad weather.
  • Coming soon: Vegan 101 Corner with Vegan Transition Coach, Carleigh Williams [@coachcarleigh]! Here, she’ll brings you all things vegan… not just food. Discover more about creating your own vegan adventure!


What’s Coming Up For You…

  • Our upcoming LIVE Q&A video sessions will be Thursday, March 15th at 1pm CST in the Members Lounge Facebook group. As always, a replay will be available if you can’t make it live. Click here for the details, to submit any questions, and for past episodes!
  • March course: True Hunger vs.Toxic Hunger — Detoxing and tapping into listening to our body’s natural state of hunger. Release date: by March 23rd.


Community Interaction + Thank You

Be sure to head to the Members Lounge Facebook group and catch up often! This is where I hold all LIVE videos with live interaction before they are added to the Video Galleries here in the main site.

Share pictures and post what’s going on with you. Engage and comment on other members’ posts in the news feed and in the discussion forums and Members Lounge Facebook group with comments, likes, and encouragement. Most likely if you have a question, someone else has the same one. If you have a comment to share, someone needs to hear it. Sharing is caring. 🙂

We are working each and every day to build this community to be safe, fun, informative, and your go-to for years to come. Your contribution and interaction will help make that happen. Help create the community + support that you’re here for! <3

As always, we will keep you posted with our latest shenanigans as soon as we have updates. Please feel free to comment below with anything you got for us or click here to let me know what you’d like to see more of!

You guys are all seriously SO amazing.

I love each and every one of you and I’m so happy to be on this journey with you! Let’s create your ideal life together.