What’s New: January 2018 Member Update

A fresh year, successful Salad Challenge, new members, and the start to another 100 Day Challenge… January, you’ve been looking goooooood so far!

Cozy up with some warm herbal tea and get updated with the most recent Nutribabe Nation news! 🙂

Member Shout Outs

…celebrating those below and everyone in the Nation for holiday and new year successes!

  • HUGE welcome to all of our January members so far:  So happy to be a closer part of your journey! 🙂 If you haven’t yet, complete the “Start Here” section and also say hello in the discussion forums or Members Lounge Facebook group.
  • Holla to @karengersch for reaching out to others to do a 100 Day Challenge with her! So many of you [me included!] hopped on board. Here’s to 100 amazing days. Check out the 100 Day Challenge Recourses here.
  • @kim continues to crush her Nutritarian streak. She is showing us ALL what it looks like to open up to possibilities and take action. So thankful for having you here in the Nation. Catch up on and follow her journey in her forum journal here.
  • Speaking of crushing 100 Day Challenges, @allison jumped right into another 100 Day Challenge after some huge success with her first one…. 26 pounds lost *so far*!!! She’s still tracking her salads and her daily habits… and is honestly such a Nutribabe BOSS.
  • Shout out to @1ally1 for diving in to Nutribabe Nation, asking questions, opening up, and sharing with us in the Members Lounge. So glad you’re here!
  • HEY GIRL HEEEEYYY to @bluescarf for crushing her first course! YAS. Keep that wave going!
  • Awesome game planning and prep conversations with @saladchallenged@mkrings2012, @trinnoble, and @jen_craven on our welcome calls. 🙂
  • Well wishes to @paisleygirl’s son and family through some health struggles. We are all thinking of you!
  • Grateful for @chloestein for being my right hand woman on the recipe front. You are an amazing addition to Nutribabe Nation, and my babes are so thankful for you and your pheNOMenal recipes! Check out Chloe’s recipes in the main recipe gallery.
  • HOLLA to @terriladd for sharing her salad prep video with us in the Members Lounge. Watch it here! Thanks so much for sharing, Terri!
  • SO dang happy to see @kconrad, @amymlarsen1992, @eatgreen@debbie, @kim, @veggielover, @allison, @wendyhiles, @vferg1, @wahminsc and so many others who so regularly show support and share comments on their fellow Nutribabes’ posts. Sharing is SO caring. You never know how your comment may make someones day.
  • For those of you who are silently reading this but not posting or sharing too much, I see you! You’re amazing. Continue to utilize this membership site to it’s full potential. We are ALL here for you. Don’t feel shy or hold back here in Nutribabe Nation… no matter what the topic!
  • Continued healing energy to @wahminsc for her fibro flare-ups. So glad you’re helping reduce pain with this lifestyle!
  • YAAAAASSSSSSS to all my girls who scheduled their welcome/quick chat calls with me! Love getting to know you beauties better. If you haven’t scheduled your complimentary call with me yet, click here!
  • Got something to share? A win, a new trick, something fun, want to give a shout out to another member, or any of the above? Post a new topic in the WINS Discussion Forums or in the Members Lounge and we’ll shout congratulations from the rooftops! Let’s all come together. <3

Newly Added:

I’m getting my podcast interviews and video interviews in a playlist here in the Nation for easy access.

My latest podcast interview is with Dr. Kasey Johnson on the Unlock Wellness Podcast. Loved hanging out with her for this amazing episode!

Lot of laughs, sharing experiences, and story telling with Kasey and I’m so happy to share it with you!

Check out my podcast and video interview replays here.

Guest Expert + Specialty Corners:

  • Coming soon: Meal plans will be released sometime in March and Chloe and I need your feedback! Click here to let us know what you’re looking for in a meal plan. We’re here to serve YOU. These meal plans will be complimentary to all regular monthly members.
  • Coming soon: Vegan 101 Corner with Vegan Transition Coach, Carleigh Williams [@coachcarleigh]! Here, she’ll brings you all things vegan… not just food. Discover more about creating your own vegan adventure!


What’s Coming Up For You In February and March 2018:

  • Our upcoming LIVE Q&A video sessions will be Thursday, February 1st and Thursday, February 8th at 1pm CST in the Members Lounge Facebook group. As always, a replay will be available if you can’t make it live. Click here for the details, to submit any questions, and for past episodes!
  • Our lead recipe developer, Chloe Stein [@chloestein] will be releasing her February Choco-Healthy Cooking Class for you girls! Once available, it will be added to the Clean Cuisine Corner.
  • February course: Mindfulness Practitioner, Sarah Steckler [@sarahrose] will be our guest coach take over for February! She’ll be doing her signature course, Taming Negative Self-Talk, LIVE in Nutribabe Nation + the Members Lounge the week of February 18-24. Recordings, live video, action steps… get ready to level up, girls!
  • Meal plans are coming in March and we need your feedback! Click here to let us know what you’re looking for in a meal plan.
  • March course: True Hunger vs.Toxic Hunger — Tapping into listening to our body’s natural state of hunger

Community + Interaction:

As always, be social! Share pictures and post what’s going on with you. Engage and comment on other members’ posts in the news feed and in the discussion forums a

nd Members Lounge Facebook group with comments, likes, and encouragement. Most likely if you have a question, someone else has the same one. If you have a comment to share, someone needs to hear it. Sharing is caring. 🙂

We are working each and every day to build this community to be safe, fun, informative, and your go-to for years to come. Your contribution and interaction will help make that happen. Help create the community + support that you’re here for! <3


Behind The Scenes Updates + Thank You:

  • FEATURE UPDATE: We are working on adding a bookmark/save feature so you can favorite posts, recipes, and more and have them all saved in one place. Stay tuned for this addition.
  • Technology is testy sometimes, so if you see or find atechnical glitch that needs to be addressed, please let me know.
  • To make this your go-to membership site and an even better resource for you, we are constantly working on providing you new content and behind-the-scenes updates.
  • As always, we will keep you posted with our latest shenanigans as soon as we have updates. Please feel free to comment below with anything you got for us or click here to let me know what you’d like to see more of!

My heart is SO FULL with all of your beautiful humans. Thanks so much for being the best part of Nutribabe Nation! I love being with you on your journey towards optimal health!

LIFE is a journey. We’re creating it. Our nutrition, our thoughts, our experience in Nutribabe Nation. This day, this moment… everything is a journey.

And that’s the best part of life! Create it. Live it. BE IT.

Push yourself to explore, do new-to-you things, ask questions, and apply tools because you’re a NUTRIBABE BOSS… and also know that you’re never “behind.” This is YOUR journey. Pave it… Pave it with openness, love, community, support, encouragement, self-growth, laughter, and most importantly… HUMMUS.

Love you girls!




  1. Ally Siggers

    SO loving this!
    Early days but already I feel this is a life-changer for me- I have hope & am optimistic about my journey
    There may be (probably) set backs in my travels but this group is incredibly supportive & helpful I am comfortable to do this in my time, without pressure
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Mrs. Love Chard Post author

      SO glad, Ally! Love having you here. Yes, the obstacles and struggles are part of life, but it’s now you live them out that makes this whole journey worthwhile! 🙂

  2. Sherrie

    Much love and many thanks to NN! This lifesfyle has helped with pain management like nothing else. I’m so happy I found Love Chards on the Happy Herbivore blog!