What’s New: JULY 2017

Welcome Founding Members of Nutribabe Nation:

Sarah, Janet, Pam, Allison, Renee, Kayla,
Ann Marie, Anna, Terri, Christina, and Allie!

Hollaaaaaa to you special humans. Thank you so much for helping us set the foundation for Nutribabe Nation! We are so glad you’re part of the NN Family! <3

On July 3, 2017 we officially opened the doors for new members! Shoutout to our members who signed up on the first day of the “official” launch: Penny, Twila, Bobbi Jean, Molly, Sabrina, Deanna, Abby, Melissa, Lisa, Holly, Bryoni, and Amber. You and those that come the few weeks after launch are our Core Members. HEEEYYYYY.

We are so excited that you and all of our members are here! HUGE welcome to Nutribabe Nation. Allow me to grab you some virtual hummus and cucumbers for you. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, say hello in the discussion forums by clicking here.


Behind The Scenes Updates:

We are working on continuing to tag everything [videos, recipes, blog posts, courses, etc.] so that you can utilize both the general search bar and the recipe search bar when needed. We joked that tagging everything is going to be Mr. Love Chard’s full time job. 😉

Also in the works is making the news feed effective and flow with ease, as well as getting the badges all set up so that they are all awarded automatically. Stay tuned!


Just Released: Nutribabe Nuggest Video Series!

In this video series, I give a 5-minute, laser-focused coaching or training on one specific topic, struggle, or technique that you can adapt and apply to your journey. Watch the first episode here.


What’s Coming Up For You Soon:

  • Click here to vote on which course we should release next! This will take you to the courses page; just scroll to the bottom of the page to vote.
  • Our first LIVE Q&A Video Session will be Thursday, July 27th at 11am CST. As always, a replay will be available if you can’t make it live. Click here for the details and to submit any questions!
  • At least one new recipe will be added to the Nutribabe Nation recipe section each week! Sunday is release day, but more may pop up occasionally in between. We have some fun recipe video tutorials coming your way, too. 🙂


Important Reminders:

  1. Be sure to watch the videos in the Nutribabe Nation Navigation Tutorials page. This is where we give you a quick tour of the membership site and have separate videos walking you through other how-tos such as: How to update your profile, how to enroll and take a course, how to navigate and post in the forums, how to contact us, and more. Click here to go through the quick “how to” navigation videos.
  2. We’ll be fairly active for whatever you need make sure everyone gets settled in here in Nutribabe Nation! If you see anything that needs our attention [a link not working, an additional help tutorial video you’d like to see, etc.] please let us know by clicking here.
  3. Be social! Share and post what’s going on with you… pictures are a plus! Also, engage and comment on other members’ posts with words, likes, and encouragement. Sharing is caring. <3


  1. KaylaRachille

    So happy and honored to be a founding member of Nutribabe Nation! I am loving the community and all the support so far! Excited for the new recipes! Wish I could watch the Q&A session live but I will be at work but I will for watch the replay! 🙂