What’s New: November/December 2017 Member Update

This winter got away from me… actually this entire year did! Is it just me, or do you feel it too?

As I type this, this is my cue to SLOW DOWN, remain present, and enjoy/embrace each moment and each day. Something I will be working more on in 2018 for sure. <3 

Member Shout Outs!!!

…everyone here is worth celebrating each and every day.

  • HUGE welcome to all of our November and so-far November members! So happy to be a closer part of your journey! 🙂 If you haven’t yet, complete the “Start Here” section and also say hello in the discussion forums or Members Lounge Facebook group.
  • Holla to @llforester for her commitment while out of the country and at Disney! She’s staying super on point with her nutrition and prep like a NUTRIBABE BOSS.
  • Dancing all over the kitchen with @kim for so much success in her Nutritarian streak — currently almost 100 solid days! Amazing progress, success, and lifestyle creating. 26 pounds down… just remarkable. Kim is showing us ALL what it looks like to open up to possibilities and take action. Congratulations! Catch up on and follow her journey here.
  • Thankful to @kellyh for trying new things and sharing with us — even if its something she isn’t used to. I love being a part of your journey!
  • High fives @allison who’s down over 24 pounds in only 80 days. She went “all in”… putting high expectations down and is just enjoying the journey. She’s tracking her salads and her daily habits… and is honestly just CRUSHING it.
  • Shout out to @kconrad for so being active in the Members Lounge, sharing her monthly nutrition + lifestyle tracker with us!
  • Grateful for @chloestein for being an inspiration to @berrymary far before either of them were members of Nutribabe Nation. So happy to see Mary stepping out of her comfort zone and being vulnerable with us in asking questions and sharing her journey. Honesty is tremendous for growth!
  • HOLLA to @cmstanley for feeding me her amazing homemade Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Pecan Pie at our family’s holiday events.
  • Beaming to see @ashleyc, @debbie, @kim, @veggielover, @allison and so many others showing support and comments on their fellow Nutribabes’ posts. Sharing is caring. You never know how your comment may make someones day. Never hold back here in Nutribabe Nation!
  • Continued thoughts and good vibes to @wahminsc for her husband’s health struggles/pain recovery. Thinking of you, Sherrie!
  • YAAAAASSSSSSS to all the girls who scheduled their welcome/quick chat calls with me! Love getting to know you guys better. If you haven’t scheduled your call with me yet, click here!
  • Got something to share? A win, a new trick, something fun, want to give a shout out to another member, or any of the above? Post a new topic in the WINS Discussion Forums or in the Members Lounge and we’ll shout congratulations from the rooftops! Let’s all come together. <3


Newly Added:

  • Our current course: The 6 Week Holiday Challenge. It’s not too late to jump in and catch up if you’d like!
  • Latest recipes: Tofu Scramble, Balsamic Roasted Brussels with Pom Poms and Pecans, Coconut Bacon, French Toast, Carrot Cake, Blended Iced Coffee Frappe
  • Be sure to head to the Members Lounge Facebook group and catch up often! This is where I hold all LIVE videos with live interaction before they are added to the Video Galleries here in the main site.
  • We will soon be getting the rest of my podcast interviews and video interviews in a playlist here in the Nation for easy access. Check out the ones that are uploaded so far by clicking here!


Guest Expert + Specialty Corners:


What’s Coming Up For The Rest of 2017 + into 2018:

  • The final couple weeks of the 6 Week Holiday Challenge Course.  It’s not too late to jump in! Quick link to Week 5A: Christmas prep.
  • Our next LIVE Q&A Video Session will be Thursday, December 21st 31st at 1pm CST in the Members Lounge. As always, a replay will be available if you can’t make it live. Click here for the details and to submit any questions!
  • 5-Day Salad Challenge will be January 8th-12th! We’ll have lots of new members joining in that time, so be sure to welcome them with open arms! We will have a pop-up Facebook group just for the salad challenge for those 5 days. Nothing will change with the current Members Lounge group. More details will be sent for the salad challenge soon!


Community + Interaction:

Be social! Share pictures and post what’s going on with you. Engage and comment on other members’ posts in the news feed and in the discussion forums and Members Lounge Facebook group with comments, likes, and encouragement. Most likely if you have a question, someone else has the same one. If you have a comment to share, someone needs to hear it. Sharing is caring. 🙂

We are working each and every day to build this community to be safe, fun, informative, and your go-to for years to come. Your contribution and interaction will help make that happen. Help create the community + support that you’re here for! <3


Behind The Scenes Updates + Thank You:

  • FEATURE UPDATE: We are working on adding a bookmark/save feature so you can favorite posts, recipes, and more and have them all saved in one place. Stay tuned for this addition.
  • Technology is testy sometimes, so if you see or find a technical glitch that needs to be addressed, please let me know.

Thanks so much for being the best part of Nutribabe Nation! We love being with you on your lifestyle journey.

“It’s the journey, not just the destination that we have in mind. Tomorrow never comes… because it’s always today. Make the most out of each and every moment.”

To make this your go-to membership site and an even better resource for you, we are constantly working on providing you new content and behind-the-scenes updates.

As always, we will keep you posted with our latest shenanigans as soon as we have updates. Please feel free to comment below with anything you got for us or click here to let me know what you’d like to see more of!

Love you guys!

Mrs. Love Chard