What’s New: October 2017 Member Update

It’s fall/autumn here in the Midwest… leaves are changing colors, the weather is changing temperatures at the drop of a hat, and I’ve moved from tank tops to sweaters.

Candles, soups, and warm blankets… yassss! I love season changes!


Member Shout Outs!!!

…cause it’s no secret I like to party. 😉

  • Thoughts and good vibes to @wahminsc for her husband’s health struggles/pain recovery and her son’s recent accident. Thinking of you, Sherrie!
  • HUGE welcome to all of our September and so-far October members! So happy to have all of you amazing humans here. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, complete the “Start Here” section and also say hello in the discussion forums by clicking here.
  • Holla to @allison committing to a 100 day Nutritarian challenge and using her monthly lifestyle and nutrition tracker like a NUTRIBABE BOSS.
  • Huge high fives for @kim for crushing her Nutritarian streak — currently 33 solid days! Amazing progress. Catch up on and follow her journey here.
  • Props to @jessicanadine85 for handling prep like a pro!
  • Dancing for @debbie who is now coffee-free which also means no added-sugar or creamer in her house!
  • Shout out to @veganvieira for diving into her 6 week challenge. This girl has FIRE in her to crush this challenge and I love it! Follow her journey here.
  • YAAAAASSSSSSS to all the girls who scheduled their welcome/quick chat calls with me! Love getting to know you guys better. If you haven’t scheduled your call with me yet, click here!
  • Got something to share? A win, a new trick, something fun, want to give a shout out to another member, or any of the above? Post a new topic in the WINS Discussion Forums and we’ll shout congratulations from the rooftops! Let’s all come together. <3


Newly Released:

  • Our latest course: How to Meal Prep [Mexican Style] Course
  • Latest recipes: Cauliflower + Mushroom Taco “Meat”, Mango Cabbage Slaw, Rodeo Bean Salad, Cheese-y Hummus Dip, and Sweet Potato Chili
  • Get caught up on the latest Nutribabe Nugget videos: The Book That Changed My Life, My Experience with Late Night Eating + Tips to Overcome It, Should I Go “Cold-Turkey” or Transition Slowly in “Moderation”?


What’s Coming Up For The Rest of 2017:

  • So excited to share the Nutribabe Nation holiday “challenge” with you! It will be 6 weeks total with two parts. Part 1 will be released November 19th and will serve as our November course. Here, we will be digging deep and setting goals for the rest of the year. This could be mindset, food, exercise, anything! Many goals we set are merely surface level and then never get accomplished because we push them to the side or “forget”. Sometimes it’s because we over-complicate them with so many layers of perfection that we feel overwhelmed. We’ll talk about push goals vs. pull goals, input goals vs. outcome goals, and short-term vs. long-term goals. You’ll be all set to crush the rest of the year!
  • The above bullet will prep us for Part 2: a guided 30 day challenge, which will serve as our December 1st course to finish out the year. Here, we pair your goals from Part 1 with the whole food, plant-based foundation. There will be worksheets, videos, check-ins, and we’ll be tracking our progress together! [Click here to access all of the current courses.]
  • Our next LIVE Q&A Video Session will be Tuesday, October 31st at 3pm CST. As always, a replay will be available if you can’t make it live. Click here for the details and to submit any questions!
  • We will soon be getting all of my podcast interviews and video interviews in a playlist here in the Nation for easy access. My latest one is with Yuliya from Organic Coaching Collective. Watch + listen here.
  • Nutribabe Nugget Videos: What if Circumstances Aren’t Ideal?How Much Water Do I Need?Make Transitioning Even Easier
  • New vlog series, including What Would Mrs. Love Chard Do?,  is set to release in November. In What Would Mrs. Love Chard Do?, each episode highlights one question/situation individually. Your questions, my answers.

So excited to announce a new “corner” coming soon to Nutribabe Nation!

Sarah Steckler, Mindful Productivity Coach and an expert in mindfulness AND productivity, will have her own section for you as an addition to your lifestyle! Sarah weaves the elements of mindfulness and productivity together in a way that will allow you to get more done and feel on top of your to-do list… all while giving yourself permission to relax and slow down.

Through guided meditations, key insights on habit tracking, and real life lessons on goal execution, the Mindful Productivity Corner here in Nutribabe Nation will be your go to resource for feeling on top of your day to day tasks and goals.

We’d love your feedback on what you’d like to see in this special corner so we can make sure to serve you in the most needed ways possible! Click here to let us know. We’ll send out an email as soon as we get set up!:)


Community + Interaction:

Be social! Share pictures and post what’s going on with you. Engage and comment on other members’ posts in the news feed and in the discussion forums with comments, likes, and encouragement. Most likely if you have a question, someone else has the same one. If you have a comment to share, someone needs to hear it. Sharing is caring. 🙂

We are working each and every day to build this community to be safe, fun, informative, and your go-to for years to come. Your contribution and interaction will help make that happen. Help create the community + support that you’re here for! <3


Behind The Scenes Updates + Thank You:

  • FEATURE UPDATE: We are working on adding a bookmark/save feature so you can favorite posts, recipes, and more and have them all saved in one place. Stay tuned for this addition.
  • USER-FRIENDLY + ORGANIZATION UPDATE: For all upcoming group challenges going forward, we will create a section [most likely a separate group with a files section] to house resources and have group conversation all in one user-friendly place.
  • Technology is testy sometimes, so if you see or find a technical glitch that needs to be addressed, please let us know.

Thanks so much for being the best part of Nutribabe Nation! We love being with you on your lifestyle journey.

To make this your go-to membership site and an even better resource for you, we are constantly working on providing you new content and behind-the-scenes updates.

As always, we will keep you posted with our latest shenanigans as soon as we have updates. Please feel free to comment below with anything you got for us or click here to let us know what you’d like to see!

Love you guys!

Mrs. Love Chard



  1. KaylaRachille

    So excited for the Nutribabe Nation Holiday Challenge Parts 1 & 2! Sounds like so much fun! And exactly what I need to enjoy the holidays and not stress out over food! <3